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You've heard of hackathons... they're thrilling, they're fun with friends, and they have awesome prizes! Well what if we had a competition with a hackathon format but for design! For those who like CADing instead of coding! That's what this is!!!

Hackathon + Design =  Designathon!

30 Hours to complete the design challenges
150 Students in teams of 2 and 4, totaling to 47 teams!
3 Engineering & 2 Architecture design prompts
PRIZES ranging from 3D printers to engineering & architecture kits! $3000 value in total!
FREE snack giveaways, games, and workshops during the competition

At a glance...

Feb 19th 9am to 

Feb 20th 6pm*

refer to schedule on registration page for full details! Click on "Register"

UBC LIFE Building Room 2201

Admission: FREE

Who can sign up? ALL STUDENTS!

Our target participants are mechanical engineering and architecture students from UBC; however, all university/college students are welcome! High schoolers and young adults who do not CAD or practice architecture professionally are also allowed to compete but they must email for approval. More information on  registration page. 

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